Choosing to travel slowly

In every confrontation, and in every conversation, there is an opportunity to be the better person, or to prove that someone else is.

Imagine that each life being lived on earth is faced with a set of challenges. Now imagine those challenges specific to our lives are only our second priority. Our top priority is to help one another overcome their challenges.

Part of how I do that is with a friendly, ongoing competition to be the better person.

The better person isn’t the one that is the most successful, the best liked, or even the smartest. It’s the one who improves the lives of others as the path to improving their own.

Who we are is a reflection of the choices we make each day. It is in no small part the experience of us.

I don’t claim to be a better person than anyone else. I don’t write to preach about what I know. I write in order to share what I am learning, and what I have learned — usually from the better person.

A Joy-filled Primate

Contented chimp
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